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Unicorn India Ventures eyes 150 crore investment in Kerala

Anil Joshi says as an investor he is bullish about the startup scene in Kerala. Photo: TikTalk Newsletter

Unicorn India Ventures eyes 150 crore investment in Kerala

PV Harikrishnan By PV Harikrishnan , on November 28, 2023

“We are looking to invest 100 to 150 crore rupees in Kerala's tech sector over the next couple of years.” When Anil Joshi, Managing Pa... (Read More..)


Huddle Global highlights Kerala's youthful dynamism

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MG Radhakrishnan By MG Radhakrishnan on November 21, 2023
Germany to fast-track tech ties in Kerala

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Editorial Desk By Editorial Desk on November 07, 2023
Zoho’s Kottarakkara plan signals an auspicious start

Can the quaint Kottarakkara become Kerala’s Silicon Valley, what cities like Trivandrum (now officially known as T... (Read More..)

MG Radhakrishnan By MG Radhakrishnan on October 31, 2023